The sculpture is by Auguste Rodin and it’s called the Burghers of Calais and it’s situated outside the Hotel de Ville Calais.  It depicts the scene when Calais was besieged by the English king in the 14th century when six local men gave themselves over as prisoners in return for the city’s salvation and were later spared.  It has been described as a poem to surrender. 

I’m Elizabeth and I’ve lived a little judging by the soft facial lines, Irish by birth and upbringing but resident in London for more than 30 years.  Lived abroad in the Middle East in my twenties and travelled to at least 40 countries covering Europe, North America, the Middle and Far East and Africa.

I’ve worked for years in the corporate world in relatively senior roles and had some influence on employment relations and policy development as well as government relations (hence the Downing Street/House of Lords photos below) mainly as a facilitator rather than a visionary or leader.

Mum to two university students who have taught me so much directly and indirectly and I have no doubt but that they make me strive to be a better person every day though I’m certain I fall short on a fairly regular basis.

Interested in British and American politics particularly as they relate to the Middle East,  current affairs, philosophy and the arts.  Writing this blog helps me process the huge volume of often contradictory information we are all trying to absorb on a daily basis but in a more constructive and helpful way than previously.  At this point my audience is made up of mainly friends and family at home and abroad touching on Brexit, Trump et al.  In terms of art and culture, I will include mostly London exhibitions that have sparked something inspirational or joyful such as a masterpiece by Botticelli or Vermeer or the sculptures of Bernini.   Perhaps my musings and reflections will resonate with you too.  The views are my own personal ones and I will try to avoid being either pedestrian or parochial or even pretentious.  There….failed miserably already!

no 10

First time to No 10 Downing Street


Meeting with Baroness Valerie Amos, Leader of the House of Lords

This photograph was taken from the French version of Hello magazine (honest, I actually appeared in Hello magazine, my nanosecond of fame)